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Helping you make the best senior living decision for your situation is my number one goal.  To achieve this goal, it is important we partner together - working in an open and honest manner. Please review the Partnership Agreement. I have outlined how I conduct my business and ask you to sign, acknowledging you understand and agree to these terms and conditions. When you're ready to start working together, please download, sign and bring to our first meeting.


  • A phone call or e-mail to Living Right starts the process.  I will call you and ask details about your current situation.

  • By signing this, you are authorizing the Living Right consultant to collect and share information from your healthcare providers, and any case managers working with the subject person.

  • Health and financial considerations are discussed confidentially during this initial assessment and it is very important that all information regarding these topics are revealed. We will discuss what Senior Housing Options want to be considered and based on information and research decide which facilities will to be toured. If the family or resident has contacted facilities or another agency within the past three months it is important for Living Right to be told this information.

  • Living Right will contact prospective facilities and arrange for a convenient time for all of us to tour.  

  • The decision regarding facility choice is the resident’s with family input. Living Right’s role is that of a consultant. We will assist with helping the resident and family ask good questions and discerning information, but the final choice is that of the resident.

  • When a choice is made—deposit and facility move-in procedures will be discussed with housing staff. Health and financial information will be requested by the housing provider. A health assessment which includes contact names and numbers, medical information, and necessary care be must conducted before moving into a licensed facility.  Large communities have their nurse provide this information and the cost is covered in the move-in/entrance fee.  This paperwork is important to provide good information about the resident to the entire staff at the residence and also to comply with state regulations for the facility.

  • Payment to “Living Right Senior Placement” for services is provided through an agreement with the housing facility; therefore a resident, at the time of move-in,  must be paying with private funds or long-term care insurance.

  • Follow-up during the first month by Living Right will be conducted—it is the goal that the choice for senior housing was a good one for the resident, family and facility. Please stay in touch with Living Right, our relationship is an important one!

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