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Adult Referral Agency Q & A

Q. What do adult referral agencies do?
A. We help clients find the most appropriate housing and care setting based on their needs, desires and finances.

Q. How many senior housing/care options are their in the Portland area?
A. There are approximately 1,200 options in the Tri-County area. These include independent living, assisted living, memory care, adult care homes, residential care facility and intermediate care facilities.

Q. How much do referral agencies charge?
A. There is generally no charge to the client. We are paid by the community or care home the client chooses if we referred them there.

Q. If you’re paid by the community/adult care home do you only have alliances with the ones with which you’re contracted?
A. No, we will recommend communities that do not contract with us if we feel it will be the best fit for a client.

Q. Do you meet with every client before making recommendations?
A. Meeting clients is our preference, however it is not always possible. For example, Some clients are out of State. Others might not have adequate time to meet before discharge, etc.

Q. Who do you share personal information with?
A. We share only with a limited number of communities or care homes (usually 3 to 6 options). We do not give out phone numbers or addresses without permission from the client or their representative.

Q. Do you help your clients with other resources?
A. Absolutely, there are many other services that our clients might need. We refer to many providers such as Home Care Agencies, Elder Law Attorneys, Elder Friendly Moving Companies, Support Groups, Adult Daycare Services, etc.

Q. Are you the advocate of the client or the community that pays you?
A. Our client is our number one priority. We want to promote success for all involved. We work hard to recommend communities that are the best fit for the individual clients based on their needs and desires.

Q. Do you minimize concerns regarding your clients?
A. No, we believe in full disclosure regarding a clients needs. Our goal is for a long term fit and therefore accurate information must be shared.

Q. Why is it important to tour options with our clients?
A. Referral agents will ask questions of a provider that clients may not have thought of. We will highlight things that clients have said are important to them. We offer knowledge, support and advocacy for our clients and families.

Q. Why should I use a referral agency?
A. As mentioned above, there are approximately 1,200 options in the Portland Metro area. We can help narrow down the type of setting that is needed. Agencies are more likely to be aware of concerns in a community or care home. We offer can increased awareness of the communities that are well thought of and those that aren’t. We check licensing records and inspections.

Q. How do referral agencies get information about communities and care homes?
A. Members of the Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association (OSRAA) communicate with one another about successes or concerns with providers. OSRAA members check the licensing records. We also hear complaints and praise from previous clients.

Q. How do we pay for senior housing?
A. 1. Private pay funds coming from your income, savings, investments or other assets..
2. Long Term Care Insurance
3. V.A. Aid and Attendance
4. Medicaid

Q. Why do referral agents ask personal information about finances?
A. Referral agents must know general income and asset information in order to recommend the proper options. If someone might outlive their assets, we will recommend a community that allows a spend down to Medicaid.

Q. Why do referral agencies help private pay clients but not direct Medicaid clients?
A. Medicaid clients are assigned a case manager through DHS. This person will help guide you through the housing decisions.

Q. When you work with a referral agency, are you guaranteed to be able to stay in a place through end of life?
A. No, we make recommendations based on your current level of care. Care needs may change significantly as we age. Changes might require another move to a higher level of care.

Q. What is one question you should ask your referral representative?
A. Would he or she place their own loved one with this provider?