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Living Right Testimonials

The following Living Right testimonials have been re-printed here with permission from the clients who wrote them.

“Thank you SO much for all of your wise guidance and assistance – your help was invaluable to me. You were efficient, effective, and kind, and I’m very grateful.

My Mom has been living at Mary’s – the West Linn Adult Care Home – since last Monday, and she has seems to have adjusted beautifully. She was a bit teary the first two days, but since then she has not shed a tear, and whenever we visit, she tells us how nice the people are. She loves her room with the big window…”What more could I ask for?” I’m so lucky she has a wonderful attitude, and I’m so lucky to have found Mary’s!

I feel comfortable with her there, and with the care they are providing – it’s a warm and caring environment. And I appreciated your willingness to show me additional places, to allow me to have a larger basis for comparison. If you ever need a recommendation, please feel free to contact me! Thank you again, for everything!”

“I could not have asked for a better place for my grandmother.  Jennifer was able to find the perfect room suit her needs, especially her poor vision.  She has blossomed at her new assisted living, is well on her way to making plenty of friends and has never been so “busy”. Thank you for your time meeting with us and personally showing us your recommendations, it helped immensely to have a professional there to help us “absorb” it all and wade through the details. I hope she does not need to move again, but if she does, you will be the first to know!”

“Jennifer:  A belated “thank you” for spending so much time a week ago touring senior residential facilities with me and my folks.  My folks and I greatly appreciated your suggestions, questions, and insights.  My Dad was very comforted by your approach and professionalism.

My folks’ two favorite places are Terwilliger Plaza and Miramont Pointe, but the only place that is totally out of the running is Rose Villa (Dad didn’t like the layout).  The folks liked the location of Calaroga Terrace and particularly the proximity to transit, but Dad was a little nervous about the improvements.  Dad did not have a good initial reaction to The Courtyard at Tabor, but later admitted to me that it may have been because it was the first place we visited and he was a little put off by all the “old people.””

“First off, I want to say you THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! After some last minute resistance from mom, we finally got her moved into Creekside Village over the long weekend. She is exhausted both emotionally and physically, (as are we all), but finding she is surprised at how much she likes the new place, and the people. BIG kudos to Julie and the staff for making this transition easier. Mom has commented on how kind and helpful everyone is, and that the food is better then she thought.

I also second that sentiment. I have not met a Creekside employee or resident that has not been warm and welcoming. Mom is meeting new people and getting down to the dining room for every meal. If she keeps this up, we will definitely need to get her to the 10:30 Fitness with Fabio!

I so appreciate your shepherding us through this process. It has been a lifeline. While I know the initial move has taken a toll on all mom’s brain reserves, I also know that she feels comfortable, and is safe there. And that will allow me to finally get some sleep at night. With better nutrition, and more social contact, we are hoping we will see some improvements over the next few months.

Thank you for a job well done! I will happily recommend you and your services to anyone.”

“You reminded me yesterday of your passion for serving aging adults. You always struck me as one person who beautifully applied person centered/directed decision-making.. The wealth of knowledge you have to share is exactly what I heard them request.”

“Thank you again for helping us get this important decision right. It’s a very unfamiliar process, and would have been quite hard to navigate without your guidance. You’ve made it much less stressful for all of us.”

“Jennifer was great.  Just the right resource at the right time.  She zeroed in on what our needs were and arranged for site visits to several prospective Memory Care residences for Mom.  Four “thumbs ups” from our family!”

“Move went great! Lots of help from family.    I can’t believe it was 14 days from when we first talked to Dad to moving day!!!  He had a good first day…slept great!    According to him…he has never eaten so much!  Good meals! He was sitting in the common room watching TV when I brought over a few things that we forgot yesterday.  Thank you so much for your help.   Its a great place and I think he is going to be fine.”

a few weeks later…”Things are going great.   Dad is adjusting.  Once he figured out where we put everything and nothing he needed got tossed he relaxed and is accepting the change in his life. Still filling out forms and getting meds transferred to automatic but once we (I) get through that,  things will calm down.  It is so much better than I expected. I tell everyone about your excellent service and help. I hope you get some referrals along the way.”

Thank you so much for your expertise and kindness during a very difficult time with my father!
When I knew he would be leaving the hospital, the task seemed daunting to find him a place to live, that would meet a lot of criteria such as clean, nurturing, safe, good food, kind staff etc. And find it fast!
And you did it!!!
Not only were you there every step of the way, you were calm and reassuring and respectful to us. You allowed us choices and also gave us your opinions without being pushy.
You were a lifesaver, and all of us in the family will always remember how much you helped us.
My dad is much safer now and enjoys the food and environment. It is a place he can afford, and is only four miles from my house! We breathed a sigh of relief as we moved him into his new home.”

“We could not have accomplished this important move without Jennifer’s expert guidance. Her help was all-important in selecting the right living arrangements for my sister, who suffers with a mental disability. She took special care to get to know my sister and a kind and personal interest in the both of us, making sure that our needs were understood. Jennifer also spent time with us to make sure that the “fit” was right in all the important areas of decision-making involved in changing to a senior living situation. She did her homework well and we received the benefits!”