Senior Housing Options

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Adult Foster Homes
Adult foster homes offer personal and health care to individuals in private residences. Care and supervision are provided to maintain a safe and secure setting. People often choose adult foster care because it is more affordable than other care facilities and care is provided in a homelike setting. These homes provide care for no more than five individuals.

Memory /Alzheimer’s Care Units
Some facilities specialize in providing care only to persons with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia. A facility that specializes in the care for people with memory impairment must receive an endorsement and is governed by additional regulations that are specifically intended to support individuals with dementia. There are structural and program requirements mandated to gain this endorsement.

Assisted Living Facilities
Assisted living facilities provide housing and supportive services for six or more residents. These facilities are fully wheelchair accessible. Residents of assisted living facilities have private apartments, ranging from a studio to two bedrooms. Each apartment unit has a kitchenette and private bathroom with a wheelchair accessible shower. Assisted living facilities are best suited for individuals who want to remain as independent as possible and who are able to direct their own care.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Continuing Care Retirement Communities are generally made up of independent living residences, assisted living / residential care facilities and nursing facilities. These communities require an entrance fee along with monthly and/or other periodic charges.

Skilled Nursing Facilities
Nursing facilities are most appropriate for people who need 24-hour medical oversight and a protective/structured setting. Residents may have medical and behavioral needs that cannot be met in other care settings. Most residents must share their room. Space is limited, but residents are allowed to bring personal items to encourage a more home-like atmosphere.

Residential Care Facilities
Residential care facilities provide housing and supportive services for six or more people who do not need 24 hour nursing care. Many residential care facilities specialize in caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia. These settings are licensed and regulated by the Department of Human Services.

Retirement Homes/ Complexes/ Communities
Retirement complexes are for people who desire to and are able to live independently but do not want to maintain a home. There is no care available. Many people prefer to live in a community with others of the same age and with similar interests.

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