Assisted Living and Residential Care Communities

Assisted Living Communities are designed to provide assistance with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, meal provisions, medication management, housekeeping and transportation, those with mobility challenges can also receive assistance in this setting.

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They are communal settings comprised of private apartments that range in size from studio, one bedroom or two bedrooms. They must have a private bathroom, and typically have a kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator and often a microwave.

These communities are intended to help people retain as much independence as is possible with physical challenges. They are NOT designed to care for people that have significant memory or cognitive impairment. By regulation, residents of Assisted Living communities have the right to decline services and activities. They must be ‘safe’ behind a closed door for up to 2 hours and be capable of using an alert device or alarm system to call for help if needed.

Oregon Rules and Regulations for Assisted Living

The rules and regulations relative to the type or resident they serve, are the same in a residential care facility. The differences lie in the physical structure of the community.  You can view the complete OARS (Oregon Administrative Rules) for Assisted Living and Residential Care here.

  • Rooms may be private or shared. Bathrooms are generally shared. There is not a kitchenette.
    Staffing requirements are the same for both: a Nurse is required to be on staff or on contract, available on call 24/7. Frontline caregivers and medication aids receive on the job training. There is no requirement for them to be CNA.

As of 2015 The Portland Metropolitan area had 30 licensed assisted living communities
Beaverton and the greater Washington county area had 25 licensed assisted living communities
Clackamas County had 30 licensed assisted living communities.
(These do not reflect those licensed with a Memory care endorsement)

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