Adult Care Homes

Adult Care Homes (also known as Adult Foster Care Homes) are licensed, single family residences that can care for up to five adult residents in a homelike setting. The homes are usually in residential neighborhoods. They offer a private or shared bedroom, private or shared bathroom, meals, snacks, care and services. Each home has one operator who may employ additional caregivers. All staff have experience providing care and receive ongoing training. Some homes are operated by registered nurses or other medical professionals, but it is not required. All homes are licensed annually and monitored via unannounced home visits by a licensor or other assigned county employee.

Adult Care Homes are residential style homes

Adult Care Homes can care for up to 5 residents in Oregon
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Adult Care Homes are small and personal

Some adult care homes specialize in the care of certain disabilities, and have an endorsement from the state to do so. These include Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI),  Dementia (Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias), Bariatric, and Ventilator endorsements.

This care setting can be a good fit for people who have specialized diets, or who require a higher level of care than offered in other care settings.

Oregon was one of the first states (1980’s) in the US who licensed adult care homes as an alternative to other care settings with the goal of using nursing homes as a last resort.  Since then, the rules and regulations of these homes has grown immensely. Adult Care Homes are inspected and relicensed once a year by their respective counties.

Community Stats

As of 2015, in the Portland area (Multnomah county), there are 450+ licensed adult care homes.

In the Beaverton and extended Washington county area there are 258 homes.

In Clackamas County  there are 176 licensed homes.

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